Monday, October 24, 2011

Traditional Mekubalim Aren't Popular Internet Personalities

"All beginnings are difficult," goes the sage advice. But the question rarely asked after that is, "Why?" Rav Ovadia Yosef mentions the answer here Rav Ovadia to Netanyahu: If There isn't any Opposition, It's Not "Nachon." You can hear the emotion in the Rav's voice as he shakes Netanyahu's hand and praises him for having done a good thing, at the right time and that "something with no opposition at all, is a sign that it's wrong."

This brings to mind a recent discussion that came up with someone I like to call, "The Michael Jackson of Kabbalah," on the internet, at least. The person even claims a PhD in Kabbalah! Not sure how one gets that since I'm quite confident that Rav Kaduri, zl, Rav Mordechai Sharabi, zl, and the other mekubalim responsible for passing on this knowledge to the current generation were not in favor of Haskalah learning. And I'm not clear who could possibly be qualified to give a PhD in Kabbalah, but the point is - those who don't know how to determine a "qualified mekubal" would surely find these credentials impressive. They even teach to non-Jews, claiming Kabbalah is NOT religious! Such a hillul Hashem they're making.

The Michael Jackson of Kabbalah, and other organizations like them abound in order to appeal to the masses because those Jews who can and should learn true kabbalah - don't. Or won't. Or can't. Again, back to Rav Ovadia's comment - there are so many obstacles to this learning, and doing, of kabbalah that the true learners aren't making big money, they aren't polished, and they aren't like the King of Pop - popular. 

See the upcoming post for our video, IH, from the morning of Hoshana Raba - really amazing dancing and simchah!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

עשינו פדיון נפש לגלעד שליט בין אביבה

 בשבוע ראשון של חודש אלול תשע''א ישיבת המקובלים קול יהודה אליהו בעיר הקודש צפת בראשות הרב המקובל יהודה אלפסי שליט''א  ועוד עשרה אברכים בנהיים הרב שלמה ישראל שליט''א  והרב גיל לוי שליט''א  עשינו פדיון נפש לגלעד שליט בין אביבה, וגם קבענו שלשה רבנים שיהיו בית דין של מטה הרב המקובל יהודה אלפסי שליט''א הרב שלמה ישראל שליט''א הרב גיל לוי שליט''א , אחרי פדיון הנפש גזרנו שגלעד שליט בין אביבה יחזור לביתו בריא ושלם וביקשנו כמו שבית דין של מטה מסכימים כך יסכימו בית דין של מעלה וברוך ה'' הפדיון הצליח עם התפילות  פידיון נפש לגילעד שליט בין אביבה של כלל עם ישראל. כול פדיון הנפש הנ''ל מצולם באתר האינטרנט שלנו

Monday, October 10, 2011

Such a Sweet View of Mekubalim Learning/ A Repost from YouTube

Here's the same video I posted earlier - a brief demonstration of how mekubalim learn - and let me tell you it's really quite sweet to see my husband, Rav Yehudah Alfasi, in his fatherly manner, going over the steps for waving the lulav on Sukkot with the Kavanot of the Arizal.

Also, in an attempt to avoid steering Jews to not tzanua sites like YouTube, here is a link to our Picasa videos.

However, if this does not play well for you, here is our link to You Tube. A Demonstration, Questions and Answers 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Kavanot and Cookbooks: An Analogy to Bring the Geulah

Kavanot and Cookbooks
Let me ask you a simple question: what good would it do for you or anyone else if you, your wife, your favorite bakery or your mom read the best cookbook around but never put the effort into actually making a a cake: sift the flour, separate the eggs, gingerly fold in melted chocolate, and religiously guard that oven to ensure that the cake doesn't burn or flop? Again, what good would all that reading do - anyone?! And so it is with kabbalah. The Kavanot are the reason that justifies the reading of the Zohar, Eitz Chayim, and more. Reading and "learning" kabbalah isn't the 'ikar." The kavanot actually give us all something - they give us the Geulah. Bold statement? OK, I'll explain how...

Rabbeinu Rashash, in an explanation of Sha'ar haKavanot, Drush Kiryat Shema, Eitz Chayim of the Ari haKadosh, promises that if, in one community, one hundred men daven together the kavanot of the Arizal, Moshiach will come. And that is what our kollel is all about - teaching kabbalah with the intention of praying with the kavanot. We don't teach "stam." We aren't passing time. We aren't "high" on "kabbalah."