Friday, May 11, 2012

haRav haMekubal Yehudah Alfasi, shlita, teaching Kabbalah to Rav Yitzchok and others at the yeshivah of Rav Kook, Tiberias.

You'll enjoy these videos of aspiring mekubalim reviewing their learning under the master tutelage of haRav haMekubal Yehudah Alfasi, shlita. This is what makes mekubalim "Mekubalim" who've properly received their learning of Kabbalah, Zohar, Eitz Chaim and all the rest. This video was filmed only a few days after rav Yehudah was asked to come a give shiurim in the Beis Midrash of Rav Kook. For more on the zechut of learning the Kavanot of Rabbeinu Rashash read this post on Lag B'Omer  which gives a stunning tale from Rav Mordechai Sharabi of the zechut in shamayim for anyone who endeavors to learn true kabbalah, even if they don't manage to understand their learning.

If you can't come and learn with us, please, consider supporting us so that others can. Just this week alone, Rav Yehudah has two new talmidim who "m'chaven" (who know how to daven with the Kavanot of Rashash). It is told that if 100 pray with these kavanot, in one city, the Geula will come. Each person who does so bringing down so much "ohr" from shomayim, yet the yetzer tries very hard to make sure this ohr (light) is blocked. More on that later. Enjoy!

To view more of what really goes on in a yeshivah for the purposeful learning of kabbalah see haRav haMekubal Yehudah Alfasi's shiurim videos here.

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